You can’t do everything on your own.  Look out for your friends, be loyal and the team will go a long way!

We all like to be in a winning team. It makes us feel good.

But what makes a good team, and how do individual members contribute to it?

Whether we are talking about a team of 15, 13, 11, 8 or smaller numbers, the ingredients for success are the same. And this doesn’t only apply to sports teams – teamwork is valued by employers in the workplace because they know that it is essential for success. People need to be able to work together.

A team will be comprised of individuals with different skills and different personalities. The most glamorous players in a football team are usually the forwards who score the goals and make the headlines – Messi, Ronaldo, Kane and the other strikers who find the net, often in spectacular fashion. But what could they do if they were not given the ball? Winning and keeping the ball are the responsibility of players in other positions. And what would be the point of scoring lots of goals if the goalkeeper and defenders conceded more?

In other words, everybody has a role to play in a team. Some roles may be less glitzy than others, but are no less important. All have to buy into the team ethos – agree on the aim, the tactics to achieve it and the determination to make it work.

When the England cricket team won the World Cup recently, Ben Stokes and Jofra Archer won plenty of plaudits, and quite rightly so, but in that game, how many of their team-
mates contributed by saving a vital run? All of them.

There are a set number of players in a team, whether it is 11 or any number because they are all needed. There are times when some individuals may be off-form, having a bad day. That is when they need the support and encouragement of their team-mates, not made to feel left out. When all pull together, the total effect is greater than the sum of the individual efforts.

Good teams not only achieve their aims, they develop individuals at the same time. And that applies not just to sport. In July we celebrate the achievement of the first moon
landing. We remember the achievement of Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins. They were brave and skilful men, but let’s not forget all those scientists, technicians and engineers behind them. Without that team, there would have been no man on the moon.