The seven values Stan lived by and which helped rocket him to being the best footballer in the world!

Each month we will look at a particular value in more detail.  This month it's going to be 'Teamwork' so click on the ball to find out more!

1. Enthusiasm

Try to do everything with energy and determination. Who knows what you might achieve!

2. Respect

Showing respect to our parents, teachers and, in the world of sport, referees, our coaches and our opponents is really important.

3. Honesty

Always be honest and tell the truth.  Honesty is definitely the best policy!

4. Warmth

Try to be kind and friendly with everyone and interested in what people do. We all need friends and this is the best way to get them!

5. Determination

You'll never succeed unless you work hard and give 100%.

6. Sportsmanship

Win, lose or draw it's always important to play within the rules.

7. Teamwork

You can’t do everything on your own.  Look out for your friends, be loyal and the team will go a long way!