Do your best - you'll never succeed unless you work hard and give 100%.

“Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration”


So said the inventor Thomas Edison, the man who gave us, amongst many other great innovations, the electric light bulb and power stations, and was the first man to record sound.  Imagine what the world would be like now without electric lighting and recorded music! It’s no wonder that he was hailed as a genius.


But Edison realized that talent was of little use unless it was backed up by hard work.


And that message remains true today.


It is true in every aspect of life – in work, in school, in sport, everywhere.  It is certainly something that Stan would vouch for.


When we see great sportsmen and women perform superbly on the pitch, the track or the court, we can easily forget the many hours of practice that made it possible.


Harry Kane might make scoring goals look easy, but it is anything but.  It is the end product of years of effort on the training ground.


And how many thousands of hours did Usain Bolt put in to training to enable him to be the fastest man in the world?


And there is a message in this for all of us.


We can’t all be international footballers or Olympic Champions, but we can all be the best that we can be.


Everybody can be the best they can be if they work hard, persevere and keep going even when things get tough   And, you know what? When you know you have done your best, you will feel good about yourself. You will have been true to yourself – and to your team-mates and family.


We can all succeed at something if we are prepared to work.  As Edison also said:


“If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves.”


That is as true in sport as it is in life. So go on, astound yourself!